December 28, 2017

frequently asked questions

Please find common questions and answers which are often asked:

Question: Are trial lessons available?
Answer: Yes, if there is a vacancy in the class, I allow students and their parents to have one trial lesson. If there is already 10 in the class this request cannot be given.

Question: What age can the children begin.
Answer: 6 Months old although in term 4, I happily take younger babies and then they return the following year and go into the babies class.

Question: Does the same parent/person always have to accompany the child or can this role be shared between mother/father/relative?
Answer: No anyone can bring the child but please make sure they are aware of the parking rules.

Question: Can siblings attend?
Answer: Yes. I welcome the attending parent to work with the sibling, however they will not actively participate in the lesson (eg be given a percussion instrument or have their individual turn at activities)

Question: How much are the lessons.
Answer: $125 per term for an 8 week block

Question: Can I join mid term/mid year or do I have to wait until next year?
Answer: Yes children can join at any time as long as there is a vacancy.

Question: Where are the lessons conducted?
Answer: At my purpose built studio at 6 Irving Street South Mackay.