December 28, 2017

What are toddler music lessons

Toddler music lessons are appropriately aged/developmentally staged lessons delivered in an appropriate manner. These lessons should contain a good balance of rhyme and song that support the children’s capabilities. It should support the children to feel and begin to perform the beat which is the fundamental basis to play any instrument. Eventually once a beat action is developed the children can be lead to the exploration of rhythm and then followed by melody. All of these things are taught unconsciously. Learning at this age must be fun and non pressured to all children. Parents need to see the children learning but never put under any pressure.

Toddler music must cater for children from 6 months – 3 years and all developmental aspects of this age must be taken into consideration.

This must include muscular, gross motor, fine motor, emotional, physical, social and confidence development. Activities must be sequenced to the children’s increasing abilities without making a child feel unsuccessful or not attaining. The children’s memories must be tapped into and their abilities be pushed pushed to their limits. That’s why it is very important that all activities should always be presented in a fun and unthreatening manner.

We are told that these years of a toddler are the most impressionable in their lives and the children have the capacity for the most brain development/growth of a person’s whole life.

So we must use music to capture and expand the children’s brains and to allow this development to be paramount. It certainly give a child exposed to toddler music lessons a really good start to their entry to Kindy or school life. It also give a child a very good introduction to future instrumental lesson further on in their life.