December 28, 2017

why are early childhood music lessons important

Early Childhood

Early childhood music lessons are vital to a child as all developments commences between the ages of 0 and 3. Research tells us that Sensory and brain mechanisms for hearing are developed at 30 weeks of gestational age. The new study shows that unborn babies are listening to their mothers talk during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy and at birth can demonstrate what they’ve heard. Do Re Mi teachers need to continue this. We are also told that a baby in utero can responds to the mother’s touching of her abdomen. In classes, the parents are encouraged to touch the children, stroke them pat them, play with them as part of the lesson. Any stimulation can be beneficial to the development of the foetus. As well as the bonding of the mother, father and the foetus and the natural progression is for this to continue with a baby/tiny tot/toddler.

If the children can be exposed to such lessons from the age of 6 months or even whilst in the mother’s womb as she is accompanying another child to lessons. All of this development has not only begun but it is enhanced through the exposure of such lessons.

New Techniques

It becomes second nature to the child and as different techniques are introduced, the child can continue to cope with the new learning as they are used to doing two things at once.

  • E.g. moving and singing
  • Singing and playing a small percussion instrument
  • Singing and interacting with others

Research tells us that music very effectively encourages the brain to work with both sides (right and left). The ability to produce and respond to music is conventionally ascribed to the right side of the brain. Processing such musical elements as pitch, tempo, and melody engages a number of areas, including some in the left hemisphere (which appears to subserve perception of rhythm). This attribute is one of the most powerful things a child could learn and the gain from having this skill would be an enormous advantage in life.


Children who are exposed to an early childhood music lessons will improve the following areas:

  • better concentration
  • finer motor skills
  • listening and recall
  • enhanced memory retention
  • sitting and waiting a turn

Most of all the children will be happy to have a turn at anything. All because these attributes have been taught in a very relaxed and unthreatened manner. These all then lead to a more happy and confident child heading off to school.

All childhood music lessons require an adult to be present with the children until June of the first level classes (turning 4) so there is a wonderful opportunity for a parent or grandparent to spend one on one time with their toddlers. In today’s busy world, this is so important.

I allow siblings to attend classes and I restrict the class numbers to 10.

Confident and happy children make for happy and relaxed parents.