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Music Lessons For Children from 6 months to 6 Years Old
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Supports a childs cognative readiness for prep with memory retention, sequencing, listening skills, pre-numeracy and pre-literacy skills

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Social & Emotional

A safe environment for children to build confidence in key social skills such as; sharing, taking turns and interacting with other children and adults

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Motor Skills

Through song and rhyme, children develop gross and fine motor skills such as walking, stomping and increasingly refined body movements

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Most importantly fun!

Children learn the most by having fun. Developmentally appropriate lessons engage children to learn whilst in a supportive environment

About Do Re Mi Mackay

My Do Re Mi music school caters for children from 6 months to 6 years. I accept children at 6 months old as there are specific classes for this level, so the children are not put under any pressure.

They can explore and respond to the sounds and movement through the activities I present. In fact, it is a big advantage for children to commence lessons this early as their development can be enhanced by the low pressure and appropriately staged classes. The fact that children all turn the prescribed age in the same year allows them to be unthreatened and in a very supportive environment with developmental appropriate activities.

The classes for each level are developmentally designed for the children’s capabilities. Development that can be expected is emotional, physical, gross motor refined to fine motor skills, aural skills, oral skills, social skills including sharing and confidence building, waiting of turns.

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