December 28, 2017

Is Do Re Mi Right For Me

Do Re Mi is a Kodaly based music program which uses the human voice (free instrument). Currently in Queensland, music curriculum is based on this Kodaly approach which is developmental and nurturing. Everything taught is stepped upon a prior knowledge and all methodology is taught in sequence. Lessons at a Do Re Mi studio are conducted in a fun, group class environment and are delivered in an unthreatening manner. These lessons can lead directly into the school music program. Do Re Mi lessons can also give a very good basis for lessons on an orchestral instrumental or piano at a future time, when the child has the appropriate skills to cope with this instruction.

To become a Do Re Mi teacher, one has to be certified and has to do specialized early childhood studies. Each year, to keep one’s registration, strict update must be undertaken.

Do Re Mi teachers are stringently appointed with the required qualifications. These high standards are great for the children, as the teachers are very well qualified to take the classes. No one is allowed to teach unless these standards are maintained.

Parents can be confident that the classes are uniformly run between cities and states, as the classes run under the banner of the Australian Kodaly Association. A lot of time has been taken to make a core curriculum for each level offered and also structured to the developments of a particular age. Individual teachers can add their own studio’s individualism. however, each teacher must use materials from the core curriculum. Students can transfer from a teacher in one area to another area in a different state therefore ensuring children will continue their music development.

Because of the nurturing nature of the classes, the children have lots of fun and really don’t realize they are actually learning. All aspects of children’s development are addressed in these classes. This development just leads into the next level of tuition and because its all unconscious and child age/stage developmental and the children can cope with any new attributes.

Some other forms of music lessons/franchises do not have such strict teacher qualifications for entry and in fact some teachers can gain their accreditation via an on line course.